Are you able to control your emotions at work? No matter how quiet a person’s character is, no one is exempt from feeling emotions at work.

Work is one of the places where we spend more time every day, in which we suffer more types of emotions. And we understand that these emotions harm us professionally, we believe that our work is affected by stress, anxiety, conflicts, etc. However, the problem is not those emotions, but how we understand and manage them.

There is also a great relationship between our emotions and work, every day we feel emotions that make…

Sometimes we feel trapped in our activities, stuck in our thoughts, cramped in our life.

Stressed and anxious.

No solution appears on the horizon, and the sky is low and heavy


Yet it only takes one look to regain our native freedom.

A single look into the immense space of emptiness.

At a glance, as the bird flies away with a flick of its wing, we can regain the infinite freedom of our true nature.

It doesn’t matter that we haven’t paid attention to our true nature for several hours or several days …

It doesn’t matter that we…

If, in the face of the epidemic that is among us, fear caught us, at the idea of the terrors it inspires and the shock it inflicts, let us remember that it is given to some great books to feel enough strong, armed enough to oppose it.

Against this scourge that is the coronavirus, there are the barrier gestures, imperatives, an integral part of “social distancing”, this terrible word, but which we can clearly see the reason for being. Nothing like literature, however, to allow us, in these times of confinement, to reconnect with others and to bypass the walls that separate us from our fellow men.

Failing to repair the world and the living, literature, notably Anglo-American, that which takes the epidemic as its subject, gives material for healthy readings. Not that the stories, the novels, can claim any immunizing property — you would know that…

Let us be discerning: do not deny crises, do not close to disturbing information, to weak signals; set up democratic, flexible and scalable structures.

Covid-19, an anthropocene disease? This is how Professor Philippe Sansonetti apprehends the crisis we are going through. As a reminder, this concept proposed by Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer in 2000 designates the present geological interval, characterized by “a profound alteration of terrestrial conditions and processes by human impact”. This period is not officially recognized to date, its geological relevance being still very disputed.

Phenomena associated with the Anthropocene include land erosion, disruption of major biogeochemical cycles, and the consequences of these environmental changes: global warming, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, proliferation of unassimilable waste, etc.

The prospect of the…

History teaches us that when it comes to infectious diseases, human genius, often personified by extraordinary figures, always finds a solution, a remedy. The precautionary principle does not apply when there is an emergency.

The history of infectious diseases shows how little by little men have found remedies to treat them by refusing the magico-religious thought which is a delusion and obviously has no effect on them.


At the time of the black plague (1347–1351), belief-based remedies weakened organisms rather than anything else, especially as the origin of this mainly bubonic plague remained unknown.

Mortality is very high. Only 50 to 70% of the populations of the time survive. Later, in 1377, in Ragusa, as a preventive measure, the first quarantines will be applied to those who come from infested areas.

The popes…

When I read an interesting article by Claude Robert, and the reference he made to an article by the philosopher Jean-Claude Monod, my determination only jumped. It was time that I put an end to my torpor, suspend my work for a few hours, and finally resume my keyboard, left too long aside.

The current situation is absolutely frightening, leads to many questions, and sounds like entering another world. However, we cannot continue to take refuge in false and misleading analyzes. You have to keep and face reality. Without repeating ready-made and out of date schemes.

Fifteenth installment in our…

Responsibility, that is the title that stands out in capital letters on the green cover. The name of the author will certainly mean nothing to you: Marcel Crozet-Fourneyron. The publisher certainly no more: SEDIF or the French Ideas study and dissemination company.

The hazards of my research in the preparation of a future work led me to buy and read this small, seemingly modest brochure published in 1945. In these pandemic times, there is no shortage of time for reading. The author is not talking about illness, virus or epidemic. He talks about economics. …

By combining liberalism and individualism can give everyone the best of themselves, correcting each other for their potential shortcomings and enriching each other.

What is worse in the world than Nazism, jihadism or pedophilia? Individualism, of course! Inevitably “frenzied” according to primary ideologically dominant anti-individualism, “atomization of the social body”, “unbinding” and “disaffiliation” social are the fatal consequences, not to mention a materialistic hedonism and a disastrous withdrawal. But the public enemy no. 1 is undoubtedly liberal individualism, combining individualism with a horrible liberalism necessarily “unbridled” or “ultra”.

However, this alliance was the salt of Western civilization and the intellectual…

According to Stephen Downes, what we call knowledge is the recognition of a pattern of relationships in a set of neural events. Our thoughts could be empirically explainable, and the human self may not exist (the mystical-spiritual imprint that makes us beings with a religious soul; unique is essence by the grace of God). If our thinking and learning respond to an automatic recognition of patterns in the neural network, then our thinking has a materialistic reason, it is a physical product, it resides in something biological, in our neural network, the human self does not exist properly; we are…

Programming is and has always been, in my opinion, the basis of evolution since its inception. So much so, that the clear genetic programming that gives us a certain perceptual structure and allows us to filter the incessant and chaotic flow of stimuli we receive, shapes us until the end of our days. It is undeniable that, like machines, our hardware (body) is necessarily given to us, and like robots, our brain operating system (mind) responds to circuits, capabilities and priorities that are beyond our personal control. In truth, no one can self-program at pleasure. Nobody can freely choose what…

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